W. Frank An

W. Frank An is a research scientist and group leader in the Chemical Biology Platform at the Broad Institute. An leads projects in high-throughput screening (HTS), including assay development and execution. He has expertise in both biochemistry and cell biology, and has developed and run many biochemical (e.g., enzymology) and cell-based assays, including high-content imaging.

Before joining the Broad in 2006, An worked in the pharmaceutical industry on drug discovery projects. These included target discovery and validation, small molecule screening, and proof-of-principle testing of in vivo efficacy of small molecules.

An completed his Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology at Brandeis University.

Select Publications

An WF et al Identification of small molecules that selectively inhibit streptokinase expression without suppression of viability in Group A streptococci - Probe 3. Probe Reports from the NIH Molecular Libraries Program 2010 Feb.

An WF, Tolliday N. Cell-based assays for high-throughput screening. Mol Biotechnol. 2010 Jun;45(2):180-6.

An WF, Fluorescence-based assays. Methods Mol Biol. 2009;486:97-107

Jones JO, An WF, Diamond MI. AR inhibitors identified by high-throughput microscopy detection of conformational change and subcellular localization. ACS Chem Biol. 2009 Mar 20;4(3):199-208.

Lü Q, An WF. Impact of novel screening technologies on ion channel drug discovery. Comb Chem High Throughput Screen. 2008 Mar;11(3):185-94.

An WF et al. Modulation of A-type potassium channels by a family of calcium sensors. Nature. 2000 Feb 3;403(6769):553-6.

Last updated date: April 2012